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AudITegrity, LLC is a Woman and Minority Owned Small Business headquartered in Fairfax, VA

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  • AudITegrity, LLC is a Woman and Minority Owned Small Business headquartered in Fairfax, VA
  • Executive staff experienced in Security Solutions at Treasury, VA, OPM, DOE, DOJ, FDA, & Commercial Entities
  • AudITegrity requires all of its employees to hold at least a Bachelors degree from an accredited University, we ensure our auditors also are certified in their fields of compliance expertise.
  • 100% of our staff holds a CISSP, CISA, CAP and/or other industry standard certifications.
  • Top-down commitment and accountability to customer success
  • Experience on large multi-contractor environments
  • Customer-centric model for delivering security solutions

We strive to keep our overhead low, so that you pay only for the talent and tools that are applied to your engagement.

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Security Services and Support


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Security Services and Support


  • Organizational Risk and Risk Management Services
  • Independent Validation and Verification/Audit Services
  • Automated Risk Analysis and Security Control Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Security Program and Architecture Strategy
  • Penetration Testing –Security Control Assessments
  • Business Impact/Continuity of Operation Plans/Contingency Plans/ Disaster Recovery
  • Security Policy and Documentation Development


Client: International Leadership Consulting, LLC
Customer: Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH)
  • Currently providing FISMA and NIST Compliance Subject Matter Expertise to the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH).
  • This includes
    • AFRH Inspector general (IG) FISMA Compliance Reporting
    • Participating in POAM Process
    • Development and Review of Security Documentation
    • Vendor Management & Auditing
    • IG DATA ACT Requirements Review
    • Participating in DoD Audit Process
    • SharePoint Document Organization
Spherecom Enterprises Customer
HLA Enterprises Customer
Turner Enterprises Customer
Linkage Consulting Group Customer
Presidio Inc. Customer
Glover Enterprises Customer
Lunarline, Inc Customer
Lunarline, Inc Customer
List Inc. Customer


30+ years of experience in management.

Myrna is a very hardworking, dedicated employee and person. She always puts 100% into whatever she does. Myrna has excellent organizational and technical skills, and is a terrific asset to any organization.

Vonda McCraeSolutions Architect at Hewlett-Packard

Ms. Leonard is an extremely capable, highly motivated professional. As an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Ms. Leonard consistently out-performed Senior Assoiciates, winning significant contracts while ensuring the highest quality of service to her clients. Her client management skills are exceptional. Ms Leonard has my strongest endorsement.

Dawn JonesCISSP, ISSEP, ISSMP, CBCP, PMP, Booz Allen Hamilton

Myrna is a thought-leader and innovator in the areas of certification and accreditation for DoD and Federal civilian activities as demonstrated by her projects while providing customer-focused support during her tenure at Booz Allen. Myrna is a highly effective marketer and manager who ensured that each team member had every opportunity to increase their skill sets in the C&A arena under her excellent tutelage.

Curtis BarefieldSecurity Engineer

I had the privilege of leading a C&A team in Long Beach, CA and Myrna was the policy lead. Myrna is highly educated, very intelligent, and an expert in her field but what makes Myrna stand above the rest is her personality. Myrna can take a situation where the client feels as though they are being audited and scrutinized and make them feel at ease as she educates them on how to improve their overall security.

Paul RomeroPCI Security Testing Engineer at Secureworks